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14 de marzo de 2011

Guns N' Roses - Acoustic 2010 (The Rose Bar + L'ARC) [DVD]

Guns N' Roses - Acoustic (The Rose Bar + L'ARC) [DVD]

Guns N' Roses - Acoustic 2010 (The Rose Bar + L'ARC) [DVD]

(The Rose Bar, New York - 15/02/2010)
(L'ARC Restaurant Bar Club, Paris. France - 14/09/2010)

01. You're Crazy (L'ARC)
02. Mr. Brownstone (The Rose Bar)
03. Used To Love Her (The Rose Bar)
04. Welcome To The Jungle (The Rose Bar)
05. Catcher In The Rye (L'ARC)
06. Patience (The Rose Bar)
07. You Could Be Mine (L'ARC)
08. Whole Lotta Rosie (AC/DC cover) (The Rose Bar)
09. Sweet Child O' Mine (The Rose Bar)
10. Nightrain (L'ARC)
11. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (L'ARC)
12. Paradise City (The Rose Bar)

13. Used To Love Her (L'ARC)
14. Patience ((L'ARC)
15. Knockin On Heaven's Door (The Rose Bar)
16. Paradise City (L'ARC)
17. Reading:
Welcome To The Jungle
This I love
Street Of Dreams
November Rain


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  1. Me solicita pass para descomprimir los siguientes archivos:
    11. GNR - Knocking On Heavens Door (L'ARC).part1//part 2//part3//part4
    15. GNR - Knockin On Heavens Door (ROSE BAR)
    16. GNR - Paradise City (L'ARC)