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15 de abril de 2011

Matt Sorum prepara nuevo proyecto solista.

Es lo que ha comentado en su twitter, luego del aparente receso indefinido que se estaria tomando Velvet Revolver, sin practicamente nada de noticias.

6 de Febrero:
Looking for Executive producer for new Solo project. Would like to do 50/50 for an investor at 100K If ur serious, tweet here.

8 de Abril:
Good day in the studio today. New project that is going to be sick.
More good tunes for the new band project in Drac studios today. Most excited I've been about music in a long time.

15 de Abril:
Hey friends, lots of recording going on for my new project. 6 songs in the can and 2 more to come. Then rehearse and gigs.

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